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Unleash Your Businesses True Potential with Expert Outsourced Accounting

We empower small business owners to save on taxes, and reinvest in their growth. We wholeheartedly understand the unwavering dedication entrepreneurs pour into their business, and thus, we match their passion with our unwavering commitment to their bookkeeping and tax needs.

About Frontline Accounting Solutions

Safeguarding Your Financial

As a lifelong resident of southwestern Virginia, my commitment to this community runs deep.

My name is Matt Lovette, and along with my dedicated team of accountants and CPAs, I take great pride in serving local businesses in the Smith Mountain Lake area and beyond.

With a strong background in service, including over 25 years of honorable service in the US Army and Virginia State Police, I have transitioned to a new mission: safeguarding your financial interests.

I now stand on the frontline between small businesses and the IRS, ensuring that you only pay your fair share in taxes - not a penny more.

Ready to entrust your accounting needs to a team that genuinely cares about your success?

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Our vision

Transforming the landscape of small businesses by revolutionizing their financial outlook through cutting-edge accounting solutions, unlocking limitless growth opportunities.

Scale Your Business & Improve Profitability

We'll Be Your Outsourced Accountant

We'll handle everything, so your team can focus.

Our values

Proactive Guidance with Lowered Taxes

Don't fall victim to tax overpayment and wasted resources. Experience Frontline's outsourced accounting service for effective tax reduction planning, hassle-free bookkeeping, and year-round guidance.

Increase Profitability

Maximize Your Bottom Line with Expert Financial Management

Financial Clarity

Gain Crystal Clear Insights into Your Business Finances

Strategic Tax Planning

Minimize Tax Liabilities and Optimize Your Tax Strategy

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Matt Lovette

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Unleash your business's full potential with top-tier bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services that redefine the way you manage your finances.

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Sit back and relax as we ensure your bookkeeping is done promptly, we implement tax reduction strategies, your payroll is done right, and your year-end taxes are promptly completed properly.